For a better world.

We empower people and institutions through operations design and implementation to create lasting impact. Our global team of dedicated experts is driven by our shared vision and core values.

Who we are

Ultreia is governed by a global network of advisors and entrepreneurs hailing from the public and private sectors, academia, NGOs, and the UN, with decades of experience working in low- and middle-income countries. We aim to be a reference institution in social innovation, achieving sustainable impact by working hand-in-hand with governments, aid organizations, grassroots leaders, academia, and the private sector.

Our Beliefs and Vision

We are committed to a prospering world in which everyone can lead a fulfilled life with access to basic needs, equal opportunities, and continuous societal progress. We can accelerate the transition towards resilient, self-sustaining economies and communities. We envision becoming a recognized global force in driving transformative impact.

Our Mission

Reshape the landscape of transformative impact by empowering institutions, enterprises, and local changemakers through facilitating the implementation of effective, transformative solutions that advance human development.

What we do

We work with institutions to deliver more effective and efficient services through improved operations management and program design. Furthermore, we empower local changemakers and communities by facilitating the implementation of development projects at grassroots level.

For both workstreams, we offer:

  • Advisory Services
  • Capacity Strengthening
  • Research & Innovation

Why choose us?


The combination of our experience, expertise, and approach that integrates the best aspects from both the private and non-profit sectors puts us in a strong position to adress daunting societal and human development challenges. This makes us a partner of choice for social impact projects and for governments, aid organizations, communities, academia, and the private sector.


Ultreia’s members have advised key stakeholders in global development such as governments, the UN, and large aid organizations over multiple decades. We have lived and worked in dozens of low-and middle-income countries and implemented projects on the ground, particularly in fragile contexts.


Our expertise includes analytics, engineering, operations management, economics, and many more, with applications in the areas of supply chain management, programme design,  emergency response, strategic planning, health, amongst others.


Have a project in mind?

Whether you’re a company that wants to boost its social impact, a local group who needs help implementing a great idea, or an institution that wants to get the most out of a transformative development project, we can help you bring your ideas to life.

Let’s talk about what we can build together.

Together, let us build a better world.

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