About Us

Ultreia is governed by a global network of advisors and social entrepreneurs hailing from the public and private sectors, academia, NGOs, and the UN. We are united in our pursuit of a prospering world and our core values.

Our governance body

Tim Sergio Wolter
Founder of Ultreia

With eight years at the UN World Food Programme, Tim is dedicated to improving living standards in impoverished regions. Recently based in Ethiopia, he served as Head of Supply Chain Planning for operations reaching over 10 million people and managed a EUR 30 million climate-resilience project. At INSEAD’s Humanitarian Research Group, the econometrician translated research into practical solutions for companies and institutions.

Andrew G. Szalaji
Enterprise Software Industry Executive

Andy’s involvement with Ultreia is motivated, in part, by his late father’s passion to provide for those in need through food and motivational support. Coupled with his 30 years’ experience as an executive in the global enterprise software industry, Andy brings to Ultreia valuable insight and guidance on building an organization with sustainable processes for continued success. Andy holds a degree in Applied Social Sciences from New York’s Binghamton University.

João Falcão e Cunha
Full professor, FEUP

João Falcão e Cunha has a PhD in Computer Science from Imperial College, and graduated in Engineering from the Faculty of Engineering at Universidade do Porto (FEUP). He was Dean of FEUP (2014-22), on the Advisory Board of PBS (2014-23), and previously Director at FEUP of the Industrial Engineering and Management BSc, MSc, and PhD programs. He helped create spinoffs from research projects, and is still a shareholder of OPT.  He is President of the Scientific Council of PCS.

Joram Ndagga
Senior Venture Design Associate

Joram Ndagga, a venture builder with six years of experience, champions women and girls’ skills development in rural Wakiso. As a Senior Venture Design Associate at the Innovation Village, he supports Uganda’s entrepreneurs in accessing capital. A 2018 Mandela Washington Fellow, Joram is committed to creating systemic change through impactful projects.

Rui Gonçalves
Logistics Specialist

Logistics Professional with 16 years of international experience in both the private and humanitarian sectors, having worked across diverse countries. Undertaken long-term assignments in East Timor, Angola, Mozambique, Malawi, Ghana, Italy, and Portugal. Proficient in logistics and resource optimization, particularly to aid vulnerable populations facing food insecurity during humanitarian crises. Fluent in English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Abilio de Araujo​
Capacity Strengthening Specialist

More than 10 years of working experiences with national NGOs, international agencies, and government institutions in Timor-Leste in education, community development, capacity strengthening, and local governance. Master’s degree in educational leadership, policy, and development from the University of Bristol in the UK. Fluent in Tetun (national language), English and Bahasa Indonesia. 

Henning Wolter

Henning works for more than 35 years in the software Industry. As an Entrepreneur he brings his network and experience of coordinating multinational teams in innovation projects to Ultreia.

Lucie Perin

Lucie, a seasoned agronomist with a PhD in Environmental Sciences from the University of Paris-Saclay, enriches Ultreia with her extensive background. Having applied her expertise at prominent organizations such as the UN’s Food and Agricultural Organization and UNESCO, Lucie brings a wealth of knowledge to our team.

Our affiliates

Ariane F. L. Silva
Senior Research Fellow

Dr. Ariane Franco Lopes da Silva holds an MPhil and a PhD in Education from the University of Cambridge (UK). She has experience as a university professor and publishes articles in peer-reviewed journals. As a member of international research centers, her research interests are social representations, education policies, and research methodologies. ORCID

Matthias Leitner
Agriculture & Natural Resources Economist

Matthias is an agriculture and natural resources economist working for the Asian Development Bank. He focuses on design and implementation of agri-business, value-chain, and water resource projects. His particular interest lies in climate-smart agriculture, precision farming, and ways to engage youth more meaningfully in the sector.

Nune Harutyunyan
Resource Mobilization Expert

Nune holds an MSc in Development Management from LSE and brings over five years of experience in programme management, partnership building,  strategic planning, as well as grassroots community development. She has worked with various social enterprises, NGOs, foundations, and UN agencies across Europe, South Caucasus (including her native Armenia), Sub-Saharan Africa and beyond. 

Why Ultreia?

The need for more action, coupled with our motivation and strong value proposition results in our ambitious vision and clear mission.

In a world of unprecedented technological advancements, economic growth, and global connectivity, we stand at a paradoxical juncture. Despite noticeable development gains and ever-increasing humanitarian assistance, important societal problems remain.

According to the United Nations’ official SDG Progress Report, only 12% of the Sustainable Development Goals are on track, with half showing weak or insufficient progress. Hunger remains an unresolved challenge, with nearly 783 million people battling this plight in 2022. We are facing increased resource scarcities and growing environmental threats, fueled by a changing climate. Poverty persists, inequalities are widening, the world is becoming increasingly polarized, and wars continue to rage. Beyond these statistics lies the heart-wrenching reality of individual suffering: Elderly individuals spend their twilight years in loneliness, children born into poverty remain trapped in its vicious cycle, and countless individuals grappling with physical and mental health challenges face societal isolation.

We believe that these challenges can be addressed. To achieve this, transformative change is needed: more action, more efficiency, more innovation, more collaboration, more integration, and more focus. A more holistic approach is required that better connects the non-profit world and the private sector.

Solutions exist, and it is our moral imperative to contribute meaningfully to those solutions. We are passionate and dedicated to offering our expertise to address contemporary societal problems. For us, making a positive difference in the world is a way of life. Our common values, vision, and unwavering motivation, purpose, and passion unite us as a driving force behind positive change.

With the expertise, experience, approach, and core values of our global team, we can provide a robust set of services and practical solutions with which we can make concrete contributions to address these challenges.

These three elements result in a clear and ambitious vision that we are committed to: A better, prospering world in which everyone can lead a fulfilled life with access to basic needs, equal opportunities, and continuous societal progress. We envision becoming a recognized global force in driving transformative impact for a prospering world.

To achieve this vision, we reshape the landscape of transformative impact by empowering institutions, enterprises, and local changemakers through facilitating the implementation of effective, transformative solutions that advance human development.

Ultreia is derived from Latin, signifies going further, and has traditionally been used as a greeting by pilgrims. We chose this name for what it embodies – encouragement and a sense of shared purpose among those embarking on a meaningful journey. It symbolizes our commitment to progressing beyond conventional boundaries.

Our core values

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Ultreia is born out of the shared passion to jointly contribute to a better world. We generate transformative change that advances human development and have positive societal impact. We are dedicated to helping others, with a focus on the most vulnerable.


Ultreia upholds the highest standards of integrity. We strive to lead by example, with a commitment to consistent honesty, trustworthiness, and transparency. We have zero tolerance for corruption and discrimination, and we treat everyone with respect.


We are committed to consistently delivering the highest quality. Our work ethic is anchored in dedication, proactiveness, determination, diligence, and steadfast commitment. We embrace curiosity and a continuous drive to challenge ourselves, fostering a culture of perpetual improvement.


People are at the heart of Ultreia. Our deep care extends to everyone in our network – those that we work with, and those benefiting from our work. We prioritize fostering meaningful connections and attracting top talent that shares our values and passion for positive impact.


Empowering the people and institutions that we serve lies at the heart of Ultreia’s mission; it represents a cornerstone of transformative change. By providing the tools, knowledge, and support needed, we foster self-reliance and enable individuals and organizations to achieve self-driven progress.


Ultreia embodies the belief that progress is a collective endeavor. At Ultreia, collaboration is not just a value; it’s a driving force. We find joy in sharing knowledge to propel societal progress, fostering a culture of solidarity and a strong team spirit. Together, we realize the potential for transformative change.


Throughout all of our activities, we are committed to responsible resource management, harmonize economic, social, and environmental considerations. We are dedicated to creating lasting, positive impacts – this is why a robust exit strategy is an integral component of each of our projects.


We are resolute in our commitment to advancing to our joint vision and realizing our mission. Our efforts go beyond mere financial gains; the purpose of our fulfilling work keeps us motivated. We remain steadfast in our dedication to those we serve, channeling our determination into impactful outcomes.


It is important for us to establish a personal connection whenever we engage. We don’t see our partners merely as clients, but rather as collaborators to achieve a common goal. In addition, we contextualize and tailor solutions to the specific needs through our customized approach.