Our core advisory and capacity strengthening services are centered around spezialized expertise applied to various sectors, based on decades of experience in these areas.


Operations Management

We offer comprehensive expertise in operations management, including strategic and supply chain planning, end-to-end operations visibility, scenario analysis, and optimization. Our proficiency lies in crafting streamlined, efficient processes that enhance the operational performance of supply chains. Leveraging our vast experience, we collaborate with academia to research and develop state-of-the-art analytical tools and products that support sophisticated operations management.

Project Design & Management

We are adept at transforming initial ideas into well-defined project concepts. Our team’s strength lies in articulating and developing these concepts into actionable plans that are strategically aligned with overarching objectives. From meticulous planning to effective implementation and continuous monitoring, our project management capabilities guarantee the achievement of milestones and the realization of client objectives.

Data Analytics

Our team excels in conducting big-picture analyses, delving into data and trends to derive insightful conclusions. Our analytical rigor, combined with a profound understanding of the broader context that we operate in, aids in developing analysis tools such as dashboards, fostering a fact-based approach to decision-making.

Stakeholder Engagement

A cornerstone of our success is our proficiency in effectively managing and aligning a diverse array of stakeholders. We have a strong track record in uniting private sector companies, UN agencies, governments, multilateral development
banks, donor agencies, and implementing partners. Our skilled approach to stakeholder engagement is key to fostering collaboration and ensuring unified, effective action towards shared objectives.

Organizational Transformation

We facilitate structural change within large entities, helping organizations evolve for sustainable success. Our extensive experience in this field is exemplified by having led departmental mergers and established technical functions, showcasing our strategic insight in organizational evolution.


Humanitarian-Development Nexus

With our team’s vast experience working in least developed countries, covering both emergency response and development projects, we are well-equiped to navigate the unique challenges in this field with confidence.

Food Systems & Food Security

Be it production, processing, distribution, consumption, or policy, we understand the intricacies of the food system, enabling us to effectively addressing food insecurity, malnutrition, and other food-related challenges.

Health Systems

Having advised several governments and international institutions to improve the supply chain management of essential health items, health systems are a priority. This commitment is reinforced by our medical professionals.

We are guided by and contribute to the SDGs