Empowering local changemakers to create lasting impact.
Investing in sustainable development where it is most needed.

In the spotlight

Projects that we designed with our partners and plan to launch soon.
A vocational training center in Mozambique

In Macia town, we work with a local NGO GASPORTO to establish a center for technical and vocational education and training (TVET) as well as professional integration. The practical skills that over 500 participants develop annually is expected to reduce unemployment, increase incomes for vulnerable and socially isolated populations, and foster socio-economic development.

Home-grown school meals in Uganda

Building on previous successful home-grown school meal programs on Bussi island, the community-driven BRIGHT project addresses malnutrition, low school attendance, and high drop-out rates, particularly among girls, by establishing sustainable school gardens that providing nutritious meals to incentivize attendance, and empower 200 parents and teachers with modern farming practices.

Women economic empowerment through poultry farming in Kenya

To address malnutrition and poverty in rural Kenya, the GWETH community initiative empowers vulnerable women through poultry farming along with the necessary equipment and training. The first phase targets 15 women and their households, which will then be scaled to generate a larger impact. The project will diversify livelihoods, increase incomes, and improve nutrition of targeted households and the wider Masogo community.

How we add value


We empower local changemakers to implement projects that generate transformative impact for their communities. We do this by providing tailored support and capacity strengthening throughout the entire project cycle, from evidence-based project design to evaluation and everything in between. 

Sustainability, self-sufficiency, and lasting impact is critical for us. The projects that we support are therefore always community-owned, with a clear handover or exit strategy, and implementation is led by local actors.

Our decades-long experience working in dozens of low- and middle-income countries, our diverse expertise, and our pragmatic approach make us the partner of choice to generate maximum impact where it is needed the most.  

Our Approach to Localization

Localization is the starting point for all our interventions. We firmly believe that project ownership by communities and project participants are a requirement for successful development interventions. Our project design is bottom-up, beginning with ideas originating from the communities and people that will ultimately benefit from our joint activities. Our role is to provide technical guidance and capacity strengthening throughout the entire project cycle, ensuring an effective project design at conceptual level, solid project management for a smooth implementation, as well as a robust measurement framework to demonstrate impact and value for money. This empowering and sustainable approach results in strong involvement by project participants, a successful exit strategy, and reduces the dependence on humanitarian assistance.

Our Contribution

How we can collaborate

For Local Actors: NGOs, Civil Society Organizations, Community Groups, etc.

You have a great idea for a new project that will generate transformative impact to your community, or have an existing activity that you want to bring to the next level? You need support in project design, implementation, or fundraising?

Submit your concept note through our Call for Proposals or reach out to and let’s talk about how we can collaborate!

Companies, Governments, Foundations, and Philanthropists

You are financing a social impact project and need support in implementation? You would like to fund new projects or invest in corporate social responsibility? We can support your ongoing activities or jointly launch new projects to generate transformative social impact, choosing from our pool of high-quality concept notes that we develop with our partners on the ground.

Reach out to to discuss how we can create lasting impact together!  

Individual contributions

Would you like to contribute to some of our projects that we implement with our partners? We will soon set up a channel through which you can donate and invest in sustainable development where it’s needed the most!